Have You Set Your 2013 Goals?

What are your goals for 2013? Reaching your ideal body weight? Getting fitter? Looking more gorgeous than ever? Leading a happier, healthier, more inspired life?

Well, research tell us that WRITING your goals in a meaningful way increases your changes to accomplishing them by 30%.

What's more, if you keep track and measure the progress towards your goals, your success rate increases by 60%.

If that wasn't enough, telling your friends, your online network or even people at an online forum would increase your chances to achieving them by 90%!

Here's how to write down your health goals, in a SMART way!


Goal setting is more of an art. You design, mold and express your true vision in a goal. The art of goal design requires you to be an "artisa" of your destiny... Capture your dream and make it Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timed (SMART). Here's how:

What would you like to achieve specifically? A particular dress size? A specific weight? A certain lean/fat mass ratio? A determined VO2max number? Running X number of KM in an X number of minutes? Cycling X miles in X time? Finishing a good tennis match without feeling out of breath?

What is the dress size you would like to fit in? What is your ideal body weight? What body (tape) measurements would you like to have? What lean/fat mass ratio would you like to achieve? What VO2max number is a good one for you? How many miles would you like to run in an hour?

Dreaming and imagining is the beginning of goal setting. But in order to make it happen, use your logic to mold it to your personal reality. This means that your goal needs to be realistic. Something that you believe you can really accomplish. And that with action plans A, B and C your goal will be attainable. For instance, eating a healthier diet with plenty of nutrient rich properties. Exercising 3 times weekly. Going to the gym an additional day a week. Drinking 4 lts of cold water a day. Getting a personal trainer and your lean/fat mass ratio measured up.

Your goal must resonate with you. It must be worthwhile. The results of achieving your goal should be important to YOU.What are the reasons why you would absolutely love to achieve this goal? How would your life change if you see the results through?

By when would you like to see the results? In 2 weeks? In a month? In 6 months? By placing a time frame in which you can realistically accomplish your goal, you are preparing your mind and body for the actual experience.

Become even SMARTER...

When it comes to goal setting, being SMART doesn't seem to do the trick. You need to become even SMARTER by designing a goal that is both exciting and recordable:

It must be motivating, moving. You must want it with all of your heart. Accomplishing your goal will change your life in so many wonderful ways. A SMARTER goal makes you feel really enthusiastic about the results. You want it. Badly!

You should be able to build in mini milestones. Measuring periodically is rewarding. It gives you the sense that your plans are working. That you are, little by little, getting closer to attaining your goals. It reinforces your ultimate objective and increases your commitment. I always say: "What gets measured every now and then, gets done!" Even more so if you share your progress with others, such a loved ones or an online forum. Public accountability will keep you going!

Do the WRITE thing

Dare to dream, set your goals and action plans for this year. Be SMART about becoming the person you always wanted to be. And even SMARTER by writing your goals and your progress down! Feel free to join our online forum where you can journal about your journey and receive the support and encouragement of other divas online.

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To A New You!

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